African Mahogany


African Mahogany: (Khaya)

African Mahogany: (Khaya)

Available Sizes:

4/4 through 9/4 Sel & Btr

4/4 through 8/4 #1 Com & Btr


Tropical West and Central Africa

General Description

Is used where a good quality, medium weight hardwood is needed. Heartwood is shades of pinkish red, darkening to reddish brown with exposure. Sapwood is a creamy or yellowish white.


Reasonable availability.

Physical Properties

Grain usually interlocked, and dark grooves appear when cut longitudinally. Texture varies. Severe buckling occurs when bent. When planing, use a cutting angle of 20 degrees.

Main Uses

Furniture, kitchen cabinets, doors, shutters, moldings, turning, carvings, and kitchen utensils.