Cerejeia: (Amburana cearensis)

Cerejeia: (Amburana cearensis)

Available Sizes:

4/4 through 12/4 Sel & Btr

4/4 through 8/4 #1 Com & Btr

4/4 through 8/4 #2 Com


Widely distributed in the dry regions of Brazil and northern Argentina In Peru found in the tropical dry regions of the Huanuco Department on deep well-drained soils.

General Description

Heartwood yellowish or light brown with a slight orange hue darkening somewhat on exposure, not sharply demarcated from sapwood. Texture medium to coarse; luster medium to high; grain interlocked and irregular; with mild to distinct scent and taste of cumarin or vanilla; rather waxy appearance and feel.


Readily available.

Working Properties

Easy to work with machine or hand tools, some difficulty in planing due to the interlocked grain. Reported to saw woolly when cut green.

Physical Properties

Reported to have good resistance to attack by decay fungi and insects.

Main Uses

Construction, furniture, decorative veneers, and other applications requiring an attractive and dimensionally stable wood.