Pecky Cypress


Pecky Cypress: (Taxodium distichum) Ratings 1 to 5 (best):

Pecky Cypress: (Taxodium distichum) Ratings 1 to 5 (best):
  • Machining


  • Nailing


  • Screwing


  • Gluing


  • Finishing



North American Cypress, grows in wet, swampy areas along the Eastern Coast from Delaware to Florida and west along the Gulf to the Mexican border in Texas and north up the Mississippi River Valley.

General Description

This water-loving tree grows best in the swampy areas of Florida and the lower Mississippi river and can reach heights of up to 145 feet. Pecky occurs when the wood is attacked by fungus, resulting in lens-shaped pockets throughout the wood. When finally cut for paneling, it yields an attractive three dimensional look unlike any other wood.


Not as readily available as the Selects and Commons.

Working Properties

Cypress machines well, planes easily and resists warping. Pre-boring at board edges will help prevent splitting. It nails and screws very well. It glues well, sands easily and readily accepts finishes.

Physical Properties

Cypress heartwood is extremely decay and insect resistant due to the naturally occurring preservative known as Cypressine.

Main Uses

It is an ideal choice for house construction, docks, beams, decks, flooring, paneling and siding. Cypress can also be milled to make doors, windows, rails, and even caskets.