Land Management

Forest Stewardship for 10+ Acres

Forest Stewardship for 10+ Acres

Whether you have 20 or 20,000 acres of land, Associated Land Management has the experience, know-how, and timber harvesting capabilities to help you manage your forest for best use today and well into the future.

Our forest stewardship services will provide you with expert advice, sustainability, and best management practices. We approach timber management with a personal mindset—our management activities are custom-tailored to fit your property’s unique characteristics while fulfilling your goals.

Land Handed Down Through Inheritance

Perhaps you’ve acquired some land through inheritance or investment, and you’re not entirely sure what to do with it. Associated Land Management can advise and help you manage it while working towards your objectives. We will provide you with time-tested, expert advice when it comes to land and timber management.

Land Acquisition

Do you need help locating prime property to buy? We will help you find as much land as you need for recreation, investment, or business purposes.

Managed Correctly for Best Value

We seek to continually improve and maximize the returns as we manage the timberlands of our clients.  We strive to capture market highs on timber products while utilizing specialty forest products from your harvest (e.g., poles and pilings).

We only work with TOP (South Carolina), and PRO Logger(North Carolina) trained and certified professionals. This helps ensure you’re getting the maximum value when harvesting your timber.


Wise, responsible use of the forest is our first priority. We utilize best sustainability practices when managing your land:

  • Wildlife habitat
  • Streamside management (protecting streams during harvesting)
  • Best management practices
  • Insect disease management
  • Reforestation
  • Prescribed burns
  • Logging road design and maintenance
  • Managing invasive species of flora and fauna (including Kudzu and beaver management etc.)