Land Management Team

Mission Statement

Mission Statement

At Associated Land Management, we work closely with landowners to develop a comprehensive management plan that achieves their short and long-term goals. Our experienced team of managers will help provide landowners with a sustainable income source through proper management and conservation techniques.

Land management also encompasses the overall economic value and health of the forest itself. A healthy forest will provide for healthy timber—which can improve the profitability of the harvest. Our land managers focus on all aspects of land management, including wildlife habitat, prescribed burns, watershed quality, and future harvests.

Our team of highly qualified experts will work hard to ensure that your forest remains healthy and profitable for decades to come through our management techniques.

Meet our Team

Meet our Team

Roy H. Boyd

Forester/Landowner Assistant

Phone: 803-203-1102

Roy earned his B.S. degree in Forest Management from Clemson University in 1985. After graduation, he began his career with the S.C. Forestry Commission and retired in 2017 with over 30 years of experience in wildland fire control and forest management.

Over the years, he has served as Project Forester, Area Forester, and Assistant District Forester. He served on the S.C. Tree Farm Committee and was Chairman for District 3 and Tour Chairman for the S.C. Tree Farmer of the Year tour.

He also served on the western fire team and is an S.C. Certified Prescribed Fire Manager and certified tree farm inspector. As a registered forester in South and North Carolina, he has assisted numerous landowners in dealing with timber and wildlife management plans, prescribed burning, insect, and disease assistance, along with timber sales and reforestation.

Roy has extensive knowledge of the cost-share programs that are available to forest landowners through the state and federal agencies.

In his spare time, Roy enjoys hunting, fishing, and beekeeping.


Mark Tucker

General Manager

Phone: 828-261-5199

Mark Tucker is the Land & Procurement Manager in Gaffney, South Carolina. He graduated from Haywood Technical College and started his career with Associated Hardwoods back in 1989. In his spare time, Mark enjoys spending time with his family and attending church.