Processed Lumber

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Associated Hardwoods produces lumber that actually lowers your manufacturing costs and increases the profitability of your manufacturing operation.

Our optimizing gang-rip saws cut your costs two ways. First, special software uses multiple lasers to scan and examine each board, so we gain optimum yield out of every board. Then, a telescoping arbor of precision blades cuts the board and gives it a clean, square edge.

No further sawing or edging is required - the board is ready for edge gluing.

Gang-rip technology saves you money by providing you with ready-to-work hardwood - there’s no need for the expense of your own ripsawing operation.

To trim scrap even further, CNC-driven cross-cut saws can look for and remove defects and can cut lumber to precise lengths that speed your production.

Ripped and cross-cut lumber results not only in better lumber but in more usable lumber per truckload.

For example, a typical truckload of hardwood usually averages between 15,000 and 16,000 board feet of lumber. However, a load of processed lumber puts more wood on that truck - 22,000 board feet (gross count) or more. You get 35%-45% more usable lumber for the same shipping cost. For manufacturing operations located far from mills and concentration yards, this can translate into savings of thousands of dollars a year.


A regular load (left) includes air and scrap (bad edges, knots, etc.) while an Associated Hardwoods load is 100% hardwood with 0% waste. (right)

Every dollar you spend on wood buys only wood - no air, no unusable scraps & pieces.