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Wood Made Better: A Quality Story

Wood Made Better: A Quality Story

Whether we are buying green lumber from small to medium sized sawmills or producing it at our automated sawmill our goal is to produce the highest quality kiln dried lumber on the market. 


The Harvest

The Harvest

We buy the entire forest, which gives us complete and total control so that the better logs don’t get sold off for veneer. This means that you’re getting the best lumber possible.

We are members of the National Hardwood Lumber Association (NHLA) and abide by their rules and regulations. This helps ensure both sustainability for our greatest natural resource and increased profitability for our customers.

Lumber is a lot like wine—different types of grapes grow in different kinds of geographical areas. The same general concept applies to timber. Our three buyers know precisely where on the Eastern Seaboard to seek out and find where it grows the best.


Our Facility

The story of Wood Made Better continues with our three highly trained and experienced buyers that travel the lengths and widths of the Appalachian forest in their never-ending quest for high-quality timber.

When the lumber finally comes from either our sawmill or our procurement team, we expertly grade to ensure that you’re getting the best possible quality. We check—and double-check—to make sure that it grades what it’s supposed to be.

Robotic stick laying, computer-controlled fan sheds, and dry kilns all help to ensure slow, gentle drying for superior lumber quality. Long-term storage happens in our climate-controlled warehouses to protect the lumber from moisture and weather damage.


  • Quality and quantity. Our goal is always to keep stock on hand. This means that we never say “no” to our customers. We spend a lot of time making sure we have exactly what you’re looking for in sufficient quality and quantity.

  • We also source from other areas of the Appalachian forest. Our NHLA-Trained Purchasing Team has long-established relationships with various sawmills all over the entire Eastern United States. This helps ensure that we buy the best possible lumber that’s available.

ahmi map over logs
  • NHLA certified graders examine every board to ensure that you get the quality wood you require.

  • We stack our lumber perfectly with robotically laid sticks. Through automation this allows us to lay sticks every foot— which results in the flattest lumber possible.

stick stacker
  • Our higher end products never see sunlight or rain. Thanks to the computer-controlled fan sheds and dry kilns, our lumber is protected from the environment’s damaging effects.

  • When it comes to drying lumber, there is definitely a perfect way to do so. Our kilns help ensure gentle and slow drying for superior lumber quality through a state-of-the-art computerized weight-based system. This weight-based drying allows us to monitor the exact moisture content of the wood throughout the process.

  • We use heated warehouses for long-term storage that prevent moisture from going back into the lumber. This is an essential step because if you put wood in an unheated warehouse, it will absorb moisture over a few months—thereby requiring it to be re-dried.

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