Thermal Treated Wood

  • What is Thermally Treated Wood?

    Thermally treated wood has undergone a modification via a non-toxic and natural process that essentially cooks the wood in a controlled process, thereby changing the chemical makeup. This process is performed in an oxygen-free kiln that heats it to over 400 degrees Fahrenheit.

  • Advantages of Thermally Treated Wood

    The process makes the high heat treatment process removes organic compounds from the interior wood cells. This prevents it from absorbing water, contracting, expanding, or providing a free lunch buffet for fungi or insects.

    This process makes the wood itself is naturally resistant to decay, rot, insects, and water absorption. Thanks to the natural drying process (no chemical components are used), the wood is very lightweight.

  • Usages of Thermally Treated Wood

    Thermally treated wood is often used in moist, wet, and outdoor environments such as flooring, sliding, or decking.