Radiata Pine


Radiata White: (Pinus radiata)

Radiata White: (Pinus radiata)

Available Sizes:

4/4 through 8/4 Sel & Btr


Coastal California, North America.

General Description

Radiata pine is classed as a medium- density softwood. Radiata pine clearwood (wood that is free of defects such as knots, holes or other blemishes) is one of the world's best clearwoods. Radiata Pine is characterized by the Yellowish white color of its wood, with slight color differences between its sapwood and heartwood. The growth rings produce a pronounced appearance.


Widely available.

Working Properties

Radiata pines workability is that it is easy to work with standard tools, it stains and glues well, it has good nail holding capacity and is easy to saw and plain.

Main Uses

Radiata pine including domestic and commercial construction, furniture, panels (such as veneer, plywood, particleboard, fibreboard), landscaping and pulp and paper.