Value-Added Services

The lumber we cut will arrive in your plant pre-cut to the widths you need with a clean, square edge. This allows you to save tremendous time and money by totally eliminating ripsawing from your operations. Since you’re only receiving ready-to-work wood with limited scrap, you’ll also save a bundle on freight costs.

Learn more about the value-add services we offer:



Rough cut lumber comes straight from the mill through the dry kiln in the form of planks. This is a version of lumber that has been kiln dried with no further processing.  

Surface Two Sides (S2S)

Surfaced Two Sides (S2S) is rough lumber that has been dressed on the top and bottom of the board in order to meet the requested thickness. Associated Hardwoods has state-of-the-art planers that dress the boards to meet the customer's exact specifications.


Rip-To-Width lumber is where both sides of the board are ripped to a customer's specified width after surfacing.


Rip-To-Width/Cut-To-Length is where the board is manufactured and defected to a customer's unique specifications.


 Glued-To-Spec is where boards are ripped & cut and glued into a panels.