Associated Hardwoods operates a state-of-the-art sawmill that is capable of processing a wide variety of logs into high-quality lumber. The sawmill is equipped with the latest technology to ensure that the lumber is cut to exact specifications. 

Starting in the woods the logs are cut to lengths that include an overlength to ensure the finished length is correct. No high value logs on the tracts of timber that is being harvested for associated are sold to veneer or stave companies thus insuring that the grade and quality of lumber produced at the sawmill is the best possible.

The sawmill has an extensive log yard that includes a water sprinkling system to insure the logs are kept in the freshest condition until sawn. NHLA grading rules are the minimum quality standards used to determine the grade at Associated. Within 24 hours after logs are sawn into lumber it is on its way to Granite Falls concentration yard to be re-graded and put on sticks, therefore avoiding any stain issues.